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Our Ethics

We are always trying to put in more than we take out, from our organic only farming to home compostable tea bags. We want to create tea that is kind to nature.
- Kiran, Founder of Hampstead Tea
We are incredibly proud to be continuously assessed as:
The Most Ethical Tea Brand’ by the Ethical Consumer


organic tea

We believe the tea we produce should be regenerative to the earth and the first step to achieving that is to ensure every single one of our teas and ingredients is certified organic.

Organic farming is a sustainable method of growing crops that helps to preserve biodiversity and protects soil quality by avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, so neither you nor the soil have to ingest any harmful chemicals.

Organic is better for the earth, our bodies, and your taste buds! Discover more about the benefits of 100% organic tea.

plastic free compostable tea

The fight on plastic and microplastics is epidemic and we recognise a big part of it starts with business.

When we first started Hampstead Tea, it was essential to make sure our practices and packaging were sustainable. That's why we were the first to bring stitched (not glued) tea bags to the UK - many other tea brands still use plastic or GM tea bags.

And it didn’t end there, with the help of packaging manufacturers seeking environmentally friendly innovation, we now offer our Loose Leaf Tea pouches in a new material called NatureFlex TM.

By committing to be plastic free* and compostable, we want to make sure that when you buy from us, you're not just supporting a business—you're supporting a movement toward a better future for everyone. 

Discover more about our packaging and plastic free commitment.


Biodynamic is super-organic; it's at the heart of who we are and what our tea is. Biodiversity goes beyond Organic, encapsulating the entirety of farming.

Using regenerative farming methods, biodynamic farmers prioritise encouraging natural processes over yield, for example, the way soil is prepared to strengthen it's growing qualities. It ensures the best practices for the workers, the tea plants and the earth. When packing has the Demeter logo, you know it is biodynamic. 

With our biodynamic tea you can be assured that the earth is richer, the wildlife blooms, that the tea plants are healthy and full of nutrients.
Find out more about our biodynamic tea here.

Makaibari tea gardens

The Makaibari Tea Gardens are a secret paradise nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. Makaibari was amongst the first in the world to carry the Fairtrade, Organic and then Biodynamic certifications. At Makaibari tea bushes grow under jungle canopies, and wild tigers roam the hills among exotic birds and flowers. As the wildlife flourishes, from the nutrient-rich soil grows the most delicious tea. Here the tea is plucked by hand following the earth's natural calendar.


Fairtrade tea

Way back in the late 1980s we were among the first in the UK to produce Fairtrade certified products, so we’re a bit sentimental about it. Since then our Fairtrade range has grown and our passion has remained. As part of our mission to give back more than we take, that also includes supporting the workers and their families. Fairtrade is an excellent organisation which, among other great things, gives the workers a premium which they invest into healthcare, education and housing. You can find out more about our Fairtrade partnership here.


 *The Earl Grey and Green Tea with Jasmine envelopes which hold the tea bags have a thin layer of plastic to act as a barrier for the organic bergamot oil.


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