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The Importance of Fairtrade

Our Tea is Kind to People and The Planet


We were one of the first producers to carry the Fairtrade logo over 20 years ago, and it’s still a cause close to our hearts. At Hampstead Tea, we try our best to be ethical in every way possible. From our 100% organic teas, plastic-free packaging to compostable tea bags. Ensuring the farmers receive a fair wage and a good life is incredibly important to us, partnering with Fairtrade is one of the ways in which we do this. 


Many of our products are marked as Fairtrade and where possible we buy from Fairtrade sources, like the Makaibari Tea Gardens in Darjeeling. A certified organic, biodynamic and Fairtrade tea garden. It’s where all of our Darjeeling, Earl Grey, French Vanilla and Green Teas are grown. Here, nestled at the foothills of the Himalayas wildlife flourishes, the workers are paid fairly, they have access to medical centres and the children go to school. Fairtrade funds are allocated by a committee comprising mainly of women. They make decisions about where and how to spend the money so that it reaches the right places. 
Children on their way to school at Makaibari
We're delighted to see that each year more brands are adopting Fairtrade practices. They are sourcing ingredients from farms where the workers are paid enough to feed their families, their children can go to school, and there are hospitals nearby. When you buy a product marked with the Fairtrade logo you know that the farmers were paid fairly for their produce and their community received a premium. The premium is invested into their wellbeing, whether that be schools, scholarships, transport or medical centres. 


Vote with your wallets and shop ethical wherever possible. The more popular Fairtrade products become the more other companies will pay attention and start to implement Fairtrade practices. More children will have access to education and the people who grow your food will be paid enough to live, stay well and educate their future generations.




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