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What is Biodynamic Tea?

Most people have heard of and now understand organic (which all of our products are), but what about Biodynamic? We want to help clear this up and tell you why we are so passionate about bringing biodynamic teas to the masses.


The Essence

Whereas other forms of sustainable agriculture are primarily concerned with producing food sustainably, biodynamic farming aspires to be transformative and seeks to maximize health and vitality. It thus constantly strives to embrace all life's processes, to understand them better, and to improve the way we farm through an ongoing dialogue with Nature. For biodynamics, farming is not a means to maximum production, but an ongoing dialogue with Nature. We consider the land we steward to be an ecological web of biodiversity; our role is to nurture this and help it reach its full potential, whilst balancing the needs of farming and growing with those of the natural world.


In biodynamic agriculture each farm or holding has its own identity, and is a self-sustaining organism in its own right, where its diverse activities and habitats strengthen and balance each other. The goal therefore for any biodynamic farm is thus to minimise external inputs; not stretch the land beyond its natural capacity; and for human activity to put back more than is taken out. The aim is resilience and regeneration.


Organic and sustainable farming systems aim to sustain nature and agriculture. In contrast, biodynamics is regenerative and transformative - it seeks to maximize health and vitality of soils, crops, and livestock, and through this human health, and to transform agriculture in a spiritual and holistic way.


Biodynamic agriculture supports and nurtures natural processes and recognises their interdependence. The aim of a biodynamic farmer is not simply to maximize production at any cost, but to work like the conductor of an orchestra, allowing each element of the farm to both to thrive individually and to work in harmony with the others.


To summarise, biodynamic tea farming enables:

  • Stronger crops to help withstand climate, diseases etc
  • Proven to regularly produce higher quality nutrient-rich plants, that keep fresh longer, store better, and have greater vitality. This is due to harvesting on "Leaf Days" where plants focus on producing chlorophyll. 
  • A way to put more In that you take out from our planet

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