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We believe the tea we produce should be regenerative to the earth. We've made a commitment to be 100% organic. Not 95%. Not cutting a corner here or there. But 100% organic. Every cup.

Why is organic so important?

Well, as a business, we are acutely aware of the impact that our production has on the environment. We take great care in how we grow and harvest our teas, from farm to packaging. By using only organic, we know that every step of the process is beneficial for both you and Planet Earth!

The first step is to ensure that all of our teas are certified organic. Organic is at the heart of who we are at Hampstead Tea, it's written on our logo. Every single one of our teas and ingredients is certified organic.

We love organic! Here are 6 reasons why:

1. Organics keep chemicals out of our food 
Organic farming drastically decreases the amount of pesticides, herbicides and GMOs used, so neither the soil nor you have to ingest any harmful chemicals. It’s a more natural way of farming.

2. Organic farming maintains healthy soil
Organic farming builds up the soil over time, which means that it retains more nutrients and water, so you get more nutritious fruits, vegetables - and tea bushes!

3. Organics are typically not monocropped
Organic farms are likely to grow more than one crop and to rotate them, making them less vulnerable to be wiped out by a single disease. For example, in our tea gardens we grow legumes, clover, shade trees and bamboo to name a few. Too many of the same plant species in one field area rob the soil of its nutrients, resulting in decreasing varieties of bacteria and microorganisms that are needed to maintain fertility of the soil.

4. Organic farming supports pollinators
We all know by now bugs and pollinators promote healthy plants and healthy earth! With no herbicides and pesticides organic farming maintains healthy levels of biodiversity which are crucial to our food system. 

5. Organic foods are often more nutrient rich
Organic crops have significant nutritional differences than non-organic, with organic crops having up to 68% more antioxidants. When a crop is grown without pesticides, it produces more of its own defensive compounds, these are the antioxidants, and they help fight cell damage. When consumed by us, these antioxidants also protect our bodies from harm. 

6. Organic foods are more flavourful 
Organic crops contain higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants such as carotenoids and flavonoids that are absent in foods grown with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Strong nourishment of the soil leads to well-nourished plants, which in turns yields food with a high nutritional content and optimal flavour. 

By continuing to switch to organic products we can give more and more farmers the confidence to switch to organic production methods, which means greater wildlife and fewer pesticides. So we benefit and the earth benefits.

What does organic production mean in practice? 

As per guidance, standards for organic farming can include:

  • avoiding artificial fertilisers and pesticides
  • using crop rotation and other forms of husbandry to maintain soil fertility
  • controlling weeds, pesticides and diseases using husbandry techniques and approved materials to control pests and diseases (where necessary)
  • using a limited number of approved products and substances (where necessary) in the processing of organic food

Hampstead Tea Founder, Kiran explains why we believe in 100% organic tea…

“Walking around a biodynamic tea garden, you can’t miss the hundreds of cobwebs, large and small, clinging to every growing shoot in sight. Clearly no pesticides here.

Government guidelines state that to get a product organic certified, it needs to contain at least 95% organic ingredients.  SO this means that we can water down our products by putting in 5% non organic “stuff”.   Looking closely at other organic teas is a revelation.  Earl Grey with nature identical bergamot oil (which means it has nothing to do with nature at all), conventional flavourings (if it isn’t gingery enough why not just put in more ginger or a better quality ginger?) artificial flavourings – the list is endless.  

How much more satisfying to seek out quality and encourage growers to use their skills to make great tasting food, naturally.  And as we know now, food grown in accordance with nature’s rhythms tastes better, has more nutrition and is clearly a superior choice for the earth all round. 

Seems obvious, no?”

Organic is just the start! - Those who have followed us for some time know we are passionate about Biodynamic produce… It's a whole other level of regenerative farming practices that supercharge organic! - you can discover more about our Biodynamic tea here. 

It is our mission to ensure all our ingredients are as beneficial to the earth as they are to us. As yet, not all the ingredients we source can be certified biodynamic - some of these regenerative farms just don’t exist yet. So until then, it’s 100% organic, and nothing less. 


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