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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, every product we have is 100% organic and organic certified. Unlike many tea brands, who will only use 95% organic ingredients and then supplement their blends with flavourings. Many of our teas are also Demeter, which is the certification for biodynamic - super organic. Learn about Biodynamic farming here.

This is something we are extremely passionate about. We were the first Tea manufacturer to introduce staple & glue free tea bags many years ago. We have removed all plastics from our Loose Leaf Tea pouches, and we were the first Tea manufacturer to introduce a Non-GM Plastic Free tea pyramids. Apart from our Earl Grey and Green Tea with Jasmine tea bag envelopes (a thin layer of plastic is needed as a barrier for the real bergamot oil we use) all of our products are plastic free. Learn more about our plastic free compostable packaging here.

Yes, and the packaging! Our tea bags are made of unbleached paper and organic cotton, so once your delicious cup of organic tea has brewed, you can put the used tea bag in your home compost bin. In fact, apart from the Earl Grey and Green Tea with Jasmine envelopes (a very thin layer of plastic is needed to contain the flavour), all the packaging: box, envelope and loose leaf tea pouches, can be put in your home compost bin. Read more about our compostable tea bags here.

We were one of the first products with the Fairtrade mark back in the late 1980’s so we feel a bit sentimental about it. All our products come from amazing sustainable, ethical fields and farms. We never ever deal with operators that follow unethical practices whether they be towards the land or the people and we are completely transparent about our supplier partners. We can tell you at any time where the leaf/flower/seed comes from. Some of our products do use the Fairtrade logo while others are Demeter certified. Demeter is the certification of biodynamic farming, which we are very passionate about. It encapsulates the plants, the farmers and the earth. Demeter certification encompasses many ethical aspects of fair trading. 

All our loose leaf teas come from ethical and organic/biodynamic estates. We pay a very high price for all our teas to our suppliers but especially the loose leaf teas. So instead of routing the funds via the Fairtrade foundation we have decide to pay the extra premium direct to our Tea partners for the loose leaf Tea range. It means we don’t use the Fairtrade logo on the packaging but our partners still receive the same all round support from us.

Unlike many commercial companies our teas don’t have any flavourings so they need to be wrapped to ensure the fresh flavour remains through the 3 year life of the packed product. Apart from Earl Grey and Green Tea & Jasmine, all of the tea envelopes are plastic free and compostable.

Yes, our full range is gluten-free

Currently, we don’t offer a decaffeinated tea, the popular methods used to decaffeinate the teas use chemicals, which as a 100% certified organic brand we do not believe in. We are currently investigating organic methods to achieve this as we understand some consumers love the taste of tea but cannot have caffeine in their drinks. As an alternative to our teas, you can enjoy our Herbal Infusions that are naturally caffeine-free.

Due to issues surrounding Brexit, we have temporarily suspended international shipping. We are working hard to find a solution as soon as possible. 

If you would like to discuss an international wholesale or retail order please contact our sales team here


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