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The Story of our Rosehip & Hibiscus Organic Tea

The Story of our Rosehip & Hibiscus Organic Tea

Rosehip and Hibiscus organic tea


Our Rosehip and Hibiscus organic tea has proved to be one our most popular teas of 2021 and so it felt the right time to tell you a bit more about it.

Why did we introduce a Rosehip and Hibiscus tea?

Our founder, Kiran, has long been a fan of this combination, so we’ll let her explain why “Rosehips are endearing shiny red fruits in friendly easy to pick bunches.  They are bursting with Vitamin C and at first glance you can mistake them for a sweet berry but they are sour. I combine them with hibiscus to produce a rich red well balanced infusion, hibiscus brings a bit of a wine moment to the otherwise astringent rosehip…it is also anti inflammatory and with no calories, the 2 together are a great immune booster”.

Why do we think it’s so special?

As advocates for regenerative farming methods, we see Rosehip and Hibiscus as very harmonious plants. They both grow easily in tropical and temperate regions and happily coexist with other crops.

And we’ve always loved the look of the combination. The brilliant pink immediately striking as a refreshing and vibrant pick me up.

How to enjoy Rosehip and Hibiscus 

We think we’ve got the balance just right, as Kiran says “tart but not lip curling …smooth but not sickly”. And because our Rosehip and Hibiscus tea is caffeine and tannin free in nature, it is a great tea with dinner, pairs brilliantly with spicy food and aids digestion too. 

It’s also one of our most versatile teas. Very more-ish chilled with a slice of orange on lazy summer afternoons. Frozen as ice lollies, mulled with warming spices in colder temperatures, Rosehip and Hibiscus organic tea is both versatile and beneficial. What’s not to love?




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