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The story of our Organic Green Tea



Why we introduced Green Tea

Green tea appeals particularly to people who like light fragrant teas without milk and sugar.  And as we already have a fragrant soft black tea, we thought we would offer the green tea too.

What makes our 100% organic Green Tea special

Ours is a high grown green tea and therefore gentler than many low grown ones which can be bitter and harsh.  Great to drink cold too as green tea doesn’t need to be shocked by boiling water.  Rather gently infused in a warm brew to allow the polyphenols to be extracted from the leaves.

The benefit of 100% organic Green Tea

Green tea is full of polyphenols and EGCG – a flavonoid that is found in green tea along with catechins.  These are great for a removing free radicals..and have powerful antioxidant properties. It is known to help reduce LDL bad cholesterol and encourage fat burning..

Our Organic Green Tea range

We have some interesting combinations that are tasty and health protecting.

Green Tea & Ginger - A lively blend of Darjeeling Green Tea and Ginger, with the addition of tropical Lemongrass both of which are known for their cleansing and distinctive qualities. Ginger one is amazing after a big night out,  cold brewed in a glass of water! 

Green Tea & Lemon - lemons are blended to perfection with a hint of lemongrass to produce this super cool tropical character Tea. Delicately citrus and completely refreshing lemon and green actually makes delicious rice used instead of plain water. 

Green Tea Chai  - Darjeeling Green Tea from Makaibari single Estate is mixed with a variety of exotic herbs and spices to deliver a captivating blend green that packs a bunch of warming spice. 

Green Tea & Raspberry - Only the most succulent and delicate wild raspberries are selected to be gently entwined with your biodynamically grown Darjeeling Green Tea. The raspberries add a mouthwatering richness to this decadent blend.




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