How about an amazing bubble tea ?

Bubble tea is innovative and very trendy. Why don't you mix trendy and Hampstead Tea ? 

Last week, we were identify in a Instagram post of @myredcarpetbody. She made an incredible bubble tea with our Darjeeling Tea.

Here is the recipe : 

First she boiled the pink tapioca, until it was soft and started to float on the surface.

She brewed our amazing Darjeeling tea together with the following for about 6 minutes:
2 crushed cardamom pods
1/4 tsp of cinnamon
Pinch of black pepper
1/4 tsp of dried turmeric
2 cloves

Then she strained it, added a tsp of coconut sugar. 
She put about 2 Tbs of the tapioca in the cup, followed by a cup of the tea and a cup of freshly made pure cashew milk. Then I sweetened it with 2 tsp of raw honey.

She did this recipe for her daughter ! Do not hesitate to give us your feedback. 


Enjoy xx

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